Maria Shriver to Divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger

Posted on 6:31 AM by Denim Square

Citing irreconcilable differences, Maria Shriver has filed to divorce Arnold Schwarzenegger but no further details have been revealed as to why she is divorcing her husband of twenty five years.

Although both are independently wealthy, with Maria Shriver being partial heiress to some the Kennedy family assets and having holdings worth more than a million dollars, she is seeking spousal support.

This is likely eclipsed by the holdings of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which although impossible to estimate include interests in eight assets worth a million each.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have four children together during their twenty five year marriage, although only two are currently minors. These are sons Patrick and Christopher, aged 17 and 13, for whom she is seeking joint custody.

As an award winning former television journalist, author and executive-producer of the Emmy award winning The Alzheimers' Project, Maria Shriver is an immensely talented individual. Although she has announced that she will not be returning to the news media, there are many other avenues available for this multi-talented lady.

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Wins Solicitors Says....

Why did she divorced Arnold Schwarzenegger? If I were Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife I never divorced him... He is the man.... Man of Steal :P:P:P:P :-*

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